The kindest way to cleanse your skin

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Cleansing creams

The next option is a cleansing cream. Creams are greasy and shouldn’t be left on the skin. They’re great for removing stubborn make-up, which is why they’re popular with actors whose faces are often caked in make-up for stage or the cameras.
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You usually wipe the cream onto your skin, then wipe it off with a cotton wool pad. You can see the dirt you’ve removed on the pad.

The best-known cleansing cream is Ponds Cold Cream, which is enjoying something of a revival as people look for simpler and inexpensive formulations.

There’s been a trend among skincare manufacturers to make cleansing creams more and more complex. Many boast skin-enhancing ingredients. But bearing in mind, you wipe the cream off almost straight after applying it, you have to wonder if there’s any point in paying for added ingredients that end up in the waste bin.

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